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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:40

Ataturk, was mentioned by students

Ataturk, was mentioned by students
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Morning of November 10 , starting with the wreath ceremony at the Bodrum Municipality Square offer Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's death of 76-year anniversary ceremonies, Bodrum Municipality continued Nurol Culture Center.

Muğla news: Photo Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic , as in the whole country was commemorated with a ceremony in the entire basement. After the ceremony continued with a variety of Bodrum Municipality show presented by students in Nurol Culture Center. Photo Bodrum Anatolia Vocational and Technical High School is Albula Scott, in his opening speech ; \"Today, November 10 th. Today, the day we lost our great leader . Today, it is commemorating , it is necessary to better understand . I understand it is to live the Republic of Turkey and exclusive civilization level is remove upon . O golden hair, smiling face on , blue-eyed , lion stance Atam . You Quotes Republic , with you will live forever. you're the first light of every sunrise , the last of the setting sun's rays , awake thinking, sleep , dust Basin . We forget our you and your saints and martyrs ; we remember with gratitude , we are , we will not forget you and forget we will not , \"he said .
Bodrum Vocational and Technical High School Mesaadet known from the application tiny students in Kindergarten \"Ata Hello\"started with the show at memorial events , Bodrum Vocational and Technical High School students \"Atatürk of the Union Address \"has Manzume and \"Atatürk Oratorio \"and continued. Photo Bodrum Vocational and Technical High School Beauty and Hair Care Service Area prepared by the students, \"Atatürk's Liberation War \"live on plastic makeup artistic exhibition was held at the cultural center of the entrance hall . Bodrum Governor Dr.commemoration event program Mehmet Gödekmer from Bodrum Deputy Mayor Funda Akçalı , Bodrum District Garrison Commander Deputy Staff Colonel Caner Demirkol , District Director of Education Skip Sure, Bodrum Veterans Veterans Association members , teachers from secondary schools and secondary schools in Konacık Bodrum Town Centre , headmasters and from each school as well as 30 students participated in a large number of citizens .


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