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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:25

Beekeepers in Fethiye Meets World

Beekeepers in Fethiye Meets World
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World beekeepers to meet the 4th and Pine Honey Congress Arcılık Mugla , Fethiye began simultaneously with the 20th Congress Apislavi .

Muğla news: Photo 35 countries as well as the many thousands of beekeepers from Turkey participated in the congress brought together 700 beekeepers beekeepers . Congress opening ceremony , Muğla Governor of Fethiye Governor Ekrem Caliskan, Seydikem Governor Muammer Origin , Fethiye Mayor Behçet jeweler , Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of Agrarian Reform Deputy General Manager Mehmet original , Turkey Beekeepers President of the Central Union Bahri Yilmaz , Muğla Beekeepers Association President Zia Falcon, world beekeepers union president Gilles Ratigan , Mugla Forest District Manager Mustafa Kara, Apislavi country head of Tadevsz Sabatini beekeepers association, Geka general secretary attended the Solomon Regiment . The opening ceremony of the Congress , as well as folk dances drum show was watched with interest . In Fethiye Municipality during cocktail Janissary Band participated in the congress with starter had domestic and forgetting they will not understand the foreign beekeepers .
\"< Strong> TURKEY HONEY PRODUCTION WORLD in the second row \"Photo food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of Agrarian Reform Deputy General Manager Mehmet original , Oludeniz liberty lykia the opening of the congress held at the hotel in his speech , beekeeping , with crop production contribution and the country's importance in human health, the most common and said it was one of the traditional events . The country's natural conditions, owned the original , indicating that a large beekeeping potential of climatic conditions and wealth of flora , the potential number of colonies and Turkey in terms of honey production , he said that he placed second place in the world. Original , despite the increase in each year of the number of colonies and honey production , pointing out that not satisfactory in terms of potential in this case have the ecological richness and requires , \"In this case , poor queen bee production , our old queen bees , non-standard beehive and uses false honey bee management draws disease and pests down the much higher than it should be honey production by the addition . such despite adverse conditions of all kinds of plant and animal activities intensively in our country where beekeeping is an important agricultural inputs , \"he said .
bee human nutrition and economic in addition to contributing , pollination highlighted that the most important function in the natural balance of the original , failing to do that also mean pollination of flowering plants can not reproduce stressed . The original , in this case along with many living things in nature and expressed will lead to the destruction of the ecological system . Many beekeepers that have an impact plant fertilization to Original explaining that reveals clearly the submission of the required value of bees to the necessity of natural life , said:\"Turkey Bee Keeping organized by the Central Union of organizations bee workshops are in the country which issues revising , made ​​significant contributions in order to produce a solution . I wish to be useful to our country workshop held on this awareness . we support Turkey Bee Keeping Central Association as the ministry so far , we will continue to support . we have to do all kinds of support and assistance that we can. our project for the development and progression of the beekeeping sector, which is an important asset of our country there . Turkey's honey production them by putting forward will contribute to come to a better spot. \"Photo \" 94 thousand tons of honey produced \" WORLD ARICI Fethiye DE MET \"the Photo Turkey Beekeepers Central Association President Bahri Yilmaz , Anatolia, a beekeeping \"country \"that , during the Hittites 3673 years ago, the first written wasps documents in the world said that arise. Hittite laws of 91 and Article 92 concerning the apiculture voicing Yilmaz, said that beekeeping seen as an important value for people for thousands of years. Yilmaz, about 79 provincial beekeeping associations in the country , and 5.9 million 56 thousand members of the hive with 94 thousand tons of honey produced , in this context, they are also expressed in the world's second-largest country in beekeeping . Turkey's bee genes center pointed out that the position Yilmaz, said:\"This gene center is a great advantage for Turkey. Muğla honey making bees apart, making honey from chestnut in the Black Sea Bees separate our wintering bees in Eastern Anatolia separate separate our bees living in Central Anatolia . these values ​​we aspire to offer our services to our beekeepers with our ministry through many projects. we are doing our best to make it. \"Photo Yilmaz, honey that is found in the Anatolian 70 percent of plants, 3 of these plants noted thousand 900'n of Anatolia has consisted of endemic species .
\" Mugla FORESTS , PINE HONEY a pillar of EXPORT \"Photo Muğla Beekeepers Association President Ziya Şahin from Europe's most important and oldest of beekeeping associations Apislavia the 20th Congress to 25 with simultaneous organized by the 4th International Mugla Beekeeping and Pine Honey Congress countries 350 , and from across the country said that 850 participants were enrolled . Sahin, next to the pillars of creation honey exports of Muğla Muğla forest beekeeping activities as expressed in the culture of the people involved . In 2008, in the framework of Muğla's own resources in a city where no national identification beekeeping this congress , that they should be set off with the principles of international Sahin, said that they succeeded in creating awareness. Sahin, with Apislavi to countries at a meeting in Bucharest in 2013, Muğla Beekeepers Association that the decision was made ​​simultaneously the congress reminded , \"this Congress 195 abstracts submitted was made. He saw them 69 accepted. In Congress, he wanted to listen to our beekeepers , we will try to fulfill the scientific presentations \"he said. they said they were happy to Photo world beekeepers union president Gilles Ratigan and Apislavi country of beekeepers association president Tadevsz Sabatini while exchanging information all the working world as centered as being and beekeepers in Turkey.


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