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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 21:34

Blue Whale-2014 Exercise Begins in the eastern Mediterranean Sea Invitation

Blue Whale-2014 Exercise Begins in the eastern Mediterranean Sea Invitation
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Blue Whale-2014 held at the invitation of the leadership of the Navy Naval actual exercise began .

Muğla news: National vessels made ​​by Turkish engineers in the exercise TCG Buyukada corvettes and Yakamos Sonar System showcased. Photo of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean at home this year for the 4th time organized practice of the 3rd phase of warships covered in the early hours of the morning , anchored the exercise will take place from Naval Base in Marmaris Aksaz they left for the region . Journalists in Turkey where the first national ship TCG Buyukada , after having passed the exit from the gulf state of war should exercise scenario . Ship's personnel heat resistant \"antiflaş \"took place at the office wearing their clothes . Then Navy Commander Vice Admiral Veysel is leathery and South Task Force Commander Rear Admiral Jihad radiating also found \"Combat Center\", the TCG Buyukada and again was developed by Turkish engineers \"Yakamoz Sonar System\"Information about the conference was held . Photo Foreign observers and members of the press found that the TCG Buyukada by helicopter from the warship Navy Commander Bülent Bostanoğlu , South Task Force Commander Rear Admiral Jihad Yayci and Navy Operations Command, President watched the briefing by Rear Admiral Omar Faruk Harmancik . The Bostanoğlu answered journalists'questions related to the voltage induced Cyprus, \"rules of engagement on the General Staff by the Prime Minister , Chief of Staff at Naval Forces are assigned to the case . We will act within the framework if the rules of engagement we encounter any situation in this regard ,\"he said . Photo Bostanoğlu , all the developments occurring in the marine environment , especially in the eastern Mediterranean as Navy closely and said they followed with great precision . Bostanoğlu , in the Black Sea , while they continue to Operation Black Sea Harmony , voicing the Eastern Mediterranean in the Mediterranean Shield Operation to be executed, \"This national activities within the scope of execution while the alliance responsibility for NATO's help to Operation Active Endeavour support and fulfillment of direct support tasks. a NATO Permanent task Force frigate, Standing Mine Counter Measures task Force-2, a mine-hunting ship , being still a fırkateynl the task to combat piracy . is shown flag in the world's seas and our Turkey's maritime rights and interests influence and interests are met successfully \"he said.
< strong> EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN VOLTAGE Photo Bostanoğlu , Cyprus welded to questions about voltage, replied:Photo \"Turkish Navy Research Vessel closely Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha protect and provide support. on the other hand the drilling ship chartered by the Greek Cypriot administration is followed by the 9 kilometers . Currently it is the direction to enter orders into 9 kilometers. Therefore, in the occurrence of any harassment or disturbing situation. \"Photo Bostanoğlu , \"whether related to the exercise of this tension \"on the question , Blue Whales exercise of that one be conducted 2 years , work was reminded that started prior to 2 years. The exposure to the Eastern Mediterranean'also that there is a direct relationship between the activities they perform highlights the Bostanoğlu , \"This is to improve cooperation with the practice of the purpose of the allies, especially to perform undersea defense operations activities ,\"he said . Photo Bostanoğlu following a briefing followed the practice of the recovery phase with foreign observers. Blue Whale-2014 exercise, participating ships will end with a visit to the harbor Antalya.

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