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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:56

Fethiye Gulay teacher crying

Fethiye Gulay teacher crying
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Fethiye Atatürk Central Middle School math teacher Gulay Lightning during pregnancy due to the high blood pressure is removed due to brain hemorrhage died in hospital.

Muğla news: Given the same grave with earth on the grave of the teacher students left carnations old baby in her arms . Photo Fethiye Atatürk Central Middle School Math Teacher Gulay Lightning, was married to one and a half years ago, he met a math teacher at the same school Kursad lightning. Lightning Gulay first child to go high blood pressure disease emerged in this period while pregnant to his duties at school . Gulay Lightning kept under control during pregnancy , was admitted to a private hospital last week by suddenly rahatsızlanınca . He suffered a brain hemorrhage detected due to the high blood pressure during pregnancy Gulay Lightning, were treated in the intensive care unit. Gulay teachers received 6 month old baby died despite all the interventions Lightning . Photo Teacher Gulay family home of Lightning's funeral was brought before the then Gökben neighborhood cemetery. Fethiye District Education Director Hasan Dogan, a ceremony that is experiencing the emotional moments \"Life as we get it right \"he said ; Fethiye Mufti also Oguzhan Kadıoğlu, \"Death is a sermon for us. Death is right. Let's do without disrupting necessarily our worship ,\"he said . Photo Fethiye Mufti Oguzhan Kadıoğlu to kıldıran the funeral prayer Gulay teacher's wife Kursad Lightning, father Worship Karasu , family, relatives school principals , teachers and students joined with many citizens. Some women , as well as students also kept pure in the funeral prayer . Then taken to the cemetery on the shoulders Gulay indicated that teachers in the same coffin with her ​​arms in prayer Lightning 6 month old baby was buried . Gulay teacher's students red carnations in their hands after throwing handfuls of soil to fill the grave was left on the grave .

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