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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:11

Korean War Commemoration in Bodrum

Korean War Commemoration in Bodrum
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Turkey Combatant Veterans across the country organized by the Association of Korean Martyrs'Commemoration Activities covered by the association's basement branch of the martyrs of the activities organized by the moment .

Muğla news: Photo by Korean War Veterans Association of Combatant Turkey Bodrum Branch was held for the martyrs memorial event . Event held in Korea and Cyprus Veterans Association Branch of the basement as well as veterans returning from the Korean War but was also attended deceased soldiers'wives today. Participants at a ceremony prior to the event, killed and found in one minute of silence to commemorate veterans not alive at the moment. Photo Turkey Combatant President of the Association of Veterans in Bodrum Branch Hasan Külcü , in his speech after the ceremony ; \"Today, the countries involved in the Korean War worldwide as of November 11, 2014 at 11:00 am , Korean Martyrs and a minute of silence for the soldiers of the deceased was a foreign country in the Korean War. Mr. conversation explaining this day Ihsan Berisha Pasha will do . All martyrs mercy of God , who died for our Korean veterans and all of our friends , I wish to God have mercy on our soldiers . I wish the rest of our veterans health wellness . \"he said. Photo Cyprus Veterans Retired Brigadier General Ihsan Berisha is \"Republic of Turkey initially Korean artillery battalion reinforced infantry regiment sending consider the case, and then decided to become a brigade level of this union. This brigade , 259 officers , 18 military officers , 4 civilian officers , 395 non-commissioned officers , 4414 non-commissioned officer and was 5090 people , including sooner . Brigade Command Brigadier General Tahsin printer was selected. created brigade in Ankara , after being transferred to Iskenderun railway Korea by ship allocated by the American Pusan ​​port was transferred . here were placed in barracks on the city of Taegu on promptly October 17, 1950 . Turkish Brigade in Taegu , was re-equipped with American material. worn materials were sent back . to recognize this new material , a short training from the last brigade to identify the enemy its 10 November 1950 he moved to the front . first, Seoul has claimed responsibility for safety in the region 60-100 km north brigade , then transferred to Kuni-ri . facade of after being involved in fighting in the PRC United Nations Force was split . 9. US Army Corps reserve brigade was about to disappear around the flipping of the Turkish Brigade , marched to the front to prevent this destruction and led to the withdrawal of resisting without destroying the US 8th Army . America's Douglas MacArthur from the five-star generals says:'heroic battle with the Turks , salimen of the United Nations Force has made it possible to withdraw the new defense line. \"The Turkish Brigade troops , in Chonain on January 6, 1951 January 24 after being in reserve twenty days Chonan from acting went on the offensive to receive a portion of the defensive positions of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army and the region entered the fight in defending the Chinese People's Volunteer Army Kumyangjang-ni and has accomplished the task given to him . During the Korean War, Turkey was given a total of 741 killed and 2147 wounded . They fell outside the Turkish troops captured 234 soldiers and 175 soldiers were lost , but they came back again , \"he said .


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