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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 20:00

Tangerines basement of the first delivery was made

Tangerines basement of the first delivery was made
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Muğla's Bodrum district of Tangerine's most famous fruit , put up for sale in Turkey for the first shipment of 30 tons of great shopping market in general , took place in Güntop .

Muğla news: Mehmet President during delivery Kocadon, \"basement tangerine groves , will succumb to the white house.\"In recent months Photo Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon , Bodrum Citrus Growers Association and Bodrum Chamber of Commerce ( BODTO ) Chairman Mahmut Serdar Kocadon, Carrefour Fresh Food Order receiving Manager İsmail Özen , Aegean Region Manager Ahmet Demiröz, Bodrum Councillors and Güntop owner Güneri protocol was signed between the morning of the sale of the Bodrum Mandarin . Following an initial shipment of Bodrum Mandarin protocol was carried out after the process . Bodrum Konacık in made ​​to located Güntop firms 30 ton first shipment , a press conference in Güntop was shared with the public to the meeting .
Meeting Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon, Bodrum Councillors and Güntop owner Güneri Morning, Carrefour South Aegean Regional Director Ahmet Demiröz, Bodrum Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chamber President Erdogan does not basey , Sea Chamber of Commerce President Day Nalbantoğlu, BESİAD President İlhami Ozden, Bodrum Drivers Chamber President Hasan Kabli, Bodrum Municipality Councillor and was attended by members of the press with tangerine producers.
\" mANDARIN we are ATTAIN tO THE OLD VALUE \"Photo Güneri Morning, Bodrum on the market searches for mandarin gave the following information:
\"we have signed a protocol with Carrefour for the marketing of Bodrum mandarins before , as you know . in Turkey located in the Carrefour store will be located in the basement of our tangerines tangerines under a separate name stands today we realize the first shipment of 30 tons . At the same time Bayrampaşa , Kadikoy, Istanbul , Ankara Metropolitan Municipality status , Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Halim Halim will market our tangerines . Bodrum in Turkey is not only our specific mandarin , would like to introduce abroad. Balkan countries in 2015, Russia will do in sending our example tangerine pre-publicity. Long years ago we made ​​the tangerine marketing amateurish performing professionally for the first time . This is what we do as professionals , we prefer groomed especially tangerine groves . I want to address here the mandarin garden with Bodrum's main source of livelihood for our good times and our mandarin tangerine orchards are regained its former value. Protection of Bodrum specific value and continue the struggle for survival Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon and Bodrum Citrus Growers Association President and Bodrum Commerce would like to thank everyone that devoted themselves with President Mahmoud Serdar Kocadon room , \"he said .
\" BASEMENT mANDARIN GARDENS , WHITE HOUSE new to FALLING \"Photo Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon was for a while the basement to keep the tangerines on the agenda great work they are doing and expressing their struggle in this regard ; \"basement tangerine ale to have made the delight and mandarin cologne but that did not pazarlaya the product itself . Our major markets for the first time thanks to the tangerine Bodrum in Bodrum, Turkey will offered for sale . This is also our Bodrum Municipality is also a social project. Our members of parliament who led our social project also would like to thank our brother Güneri morning . Overlooking the citrus groves good , good manufacturing the products of which four tangerine garden, take the Bodrum Municipality for the purpose of promoting social project scope . Our recently in large shipments will begin with the introduction of citrus fruit sorting machine located in our unity . A member of parliament who pioneered this work to our friend Güneri Günaydin , mandarin producers, I would like to thank the Citrus Growers Association . Bodrum great effort is being made to regain the true value of the tangerine. Bodrum in Bodrum Municipality of tangerine garden to be turned into white homes , our work on this issue will continue , \"he said .

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