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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:36

Twin Tomb and Mosque was opened to visitors

Twin Tomb and Mosque was opened to visitors
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Twin Tomb and the restoration of the mosque was completed in Milas Tomb Ortaköy neighborhood .

Muğla news: Twins visit the tomb opened and the opening of the mosque , Prof. AK Party deputies Mugla Dr. Yuksel Ozden, Ali joined Taurus bureaucrats and citizens. Who the imam of the mosque Photo 91-year-old Haji Abdullah Demir, 26 years since this historic structures that play to lift the door up, no bureaucrat interview. AK Party Deputy Professor Mugla Dr. Yuksel Ozden, \"1000 which has years of history , I wondered if this place gave its name to 9 villages in the tomb villages. I visited the twin shrines during our visit . We observations twins in the tomb . 26 years, attempts have been made about done here. But it has not taken any results. governorate, Museum Directorate , Natural Heritage Protection Board and the Provincial Culture we launched Tourism Directorate with this historic venue work required to lift up. the tomb inscription apparently made ​​in 1025 Twin Tomb , Mosque, for oil and digging and cleaning work on the preparation of the madrasa renovation project July 16, 2012 started on . the completion of twin Tomb and mosque in the first stage agreed and has made ​​projects, \"he said. Photo deputy Ozden, \"During the past 2 end in twin shrine and mosque renovation , landscaping and archaeological work has been completed and we did finally opening . Very large we had brought with us the importance of historical buildings . which can easily visit our people , we have made ​​it a hangout. In the next stage, for oil , for our work to continue the process of renewal of the area is used as bath and madrasas will continue. Our goal is to bring together those at the top to the bottom of the earth . \"The Photo HISTORY Photo inscription forms where the two tombs apparently made ​​in Hijri 1025 and 1035 history, is seen as one of the rare examples of the structure of the Ottoman era tomb. Tomb village Pir came from Khurasan or Bukhara on this date ahmet Chalabi and founded the settlement here with accompanying and Pir Ahmed Chalabi, has done a dervish lodge that bears his name . Twin tombs in 1920 and from Aydın Karpuzlu county between 1950 and which accommodate from horseback animal Milas market of the district in China and at the same time was a place used as lodges . However, the time required precision in twin shrine , have shown interest and have dilapidated over time and has become a neglected appearance .


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